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I am A.MOHAN s/o. SHEKHAR, I was born in Manchiral [Dist], Bellampalli. When I was 7 years old I lost my father, it was very difficult to me to lead our life. At that time I decided to do some job, then I started working in hotels, wine shops, tea shops, cement factories etc.

We are five siblings[four boys & one girl]. I interested in doing dance, even though doing all these works, I used to do dance in functions, marriages etc, while doing like these one day two persons 'MADHU MASTER' & 'RAVI MASTER' recognised my talent & played keyrole to get chances in many T.V shows.

In doing all these works by the income of job I used to spend some money to the orphans who had no parents. This great work attracted me because from my childhood days I had seen all these pains . Then I got one thought that I should keep one foundation. Finally I decided & started planning about this. By having this idea, in manchiral dist I searched for children who had no parents. With seven children I came to BODUPPAL,MEDCHAL DIST in 2012.

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By the name of 'AMMA ODI' I have started this foundation,at that time I was 22 years old . After that I had seen many pains & faced many problems. By luckily, brother 'SAKETH' helped in many works, after 6 months more 5 children was joined. As people say marriages are made in heaven GOD showed me my soul mate in the form of my wife 'GEETHA'.She was orphan, she stood as pillar & encouraged me & supported me in all the works , by her luck came into my life,more than my expectations while started with seven children today we running this home with 45 children. I have dream to run this orphanage with many other children.

We, 'Amma odi' request for everyone to suport us & join hand with me in our mission to eleminate the pains in our children & can run this orphange with many children who are underpriveleged. Mr. Azmir
Founder Of Ammaodi.

I am 'A.GEETHA' d/o. Durgaiah. I was born in Manchiral, dist. When I was 4 years I lost my father, in accident my mother was totally bed ridden. Then I served for my mother in everything like brushing, combing, bathing keeping food etc.

After that when I was 4 years old I lost my mother. I have five sisters & one brother after the death of my parents my neibhours, relatives every treated us as orphans, no one cared us. I had only primary setion, I sacrifised my study and encouraged for my brother & sister to educate .By knowing the values of the parents I did many services for the orphans,who had no parents. God has seen my problems and pains & finally he gave a great husband who understands me & love me .Now Iam happy for this services. 'I am thanking GOD for giving this great gob'.Mrs. Geetha
W/o Mr. Azmir.

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