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I am writing to you on behalf of the Ammaodi Orphanage, an organisation that sees as its purpose gathering funds to assist children’s orphanages all over.First I started in Adilabad district with 7 children whose parents were lost. I joined them into ammaodi orphange in hyderabad.We have been working for these children since the past 4 years. We provide food, clothes, and quality education to these underprivileged children. But during the current economic crisis, we have been facing financial problems to run our orphanage.

I got married in "2013 may" she is also an orphan named Geetha. I needed someone who is strong enough to help me face this bitter fact of life.And she was a great help for both of us.and it was like a dream come true to work social service. she has always been an amazing person, an excellent entrepreneur and most importantly a very good human being.

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We got great help from Ravi,Madhavi,Venkat and my friends Ravi and Naveen service of volunteer in our project made this campaign a successful event.Our organisations are published in 10TV,TV5,V6 news,Sakshi, Eenadu and Namasthe Telangana.

VIP's like politician Thalasani Srinivas MLA ,Lakshman MLA ,Vimalaka and Film Industry writers Suddhala Ashok Teja,Gemini Suresh,Atta Sumbakthan re la re la Singer Santhosh etc they have given awards and speeches.Since the last decade, we have been receiving donations from many good hearted people.